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Digital transformation has had a disruptive effect on the modern world and in no place has this disruption been more prevalent than in businesses. With this disruption has come an increasing need for the right data to drive the decisions and direction of corporations. You can even say that data determines the success and even failure of the business. As a business leader, you are undoubtedly aware of the importance of acquiring useful data to drive results.

Failure to invest in adequate data compilation and storage can lead to several negative consequences. A lack of data can increase your company’s likelihood of missing lucrative opportunities and losing revenue.

As a business owner, quality data can result in better decision-making that syncs with the reality on the ground. It is no wonder that astute leaders in the business scene choose to cultivate good-quality data acquisition and storage.



Market-Beating Advantages from Data Center Storage

Unified and Directly Accessible Physical Storage Solutions

On an institutional level, data storage can become cumbersome, particularly when physical data storage features are involved. iPower Technologies has the right data storage solution based on combining various physical storage elements, such as solid-state drives, and creating a robust, unified data structure that closely resembles a converged infrastructure.

A Robust Platform for Your Data Strategies

The solutions we provide offer a solid foundation, supporting the growing storage needs of U.S. businesses. Our solutions include increased virtualization – which relies on the right approach to be successful – moves towards converged and hyper-converged storage platforms.

Regulatory Compliance and Improved Standing in Your Industry

If you need to manage large volumes of data, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the proper precautions are taken to ensure data security and safety. Our solution ensures that your business fully complies with the latest regulations so you can turn your attention to other aspects of your operation.

A responsible and forward-thinking approach to data security also increases your prestige and reputation in your field. We have standby IT teams to put you on the right track at any time.

Flexible Results that Meet the Evolving Needs of Your Business

As your business grows, its data needs to change, and its data storage structures must evolve to meet these needs. The flexible results of iPower Technologies give your business the agility and scalability it requires. Modern storage platforms provide effortless scalability to continue supporting your business as it develops, something previous iterations of data center storage simply weren’t capable of.

Nurturing New Approaches to Data Storage

Cloud storage and hybrid structures are necessary for modern businesses to achieve their data aims. Datacenter storage solutions from iPower Technologies include unified cloud and converged storage options required to make these outcomes a reality.

To learn more about how iPower solutions can directly benefit your organization, get in touch with the team today by filling out the form or calling the number displayed on the home page. A representative will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.


The Importance of Data Center Storage

Your company can adopt several systems, but data centers have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reasons. Data center storage architecture is the collective term for the tools, technologies, and processes used to design, monitor, and manage storage and resources. It is part of the data center architecture, where massive data is stored either on-site or in a cloud storage setting.

Why Many Companies are Using Network-Attached Storage

Many organizations prioritize setting up a data center storage system because they intend to reduce costs. Instead, these companies prefer other solutions such as Hard disk drives, tape drives, or storage area networks, while others rely solely on cloud storage. But such an approach to data storage is both effective and dangerous. One of the major challenges your company will face concerning data storage is security and scalability.

For one thing, businesses grow, and as your company grows in size and responsibility, you will be tasked with data protection by law, especially if this information concerns the public. A data center storage (preferably using Storage Networking Technologies) enables you to do that more efficiently. Additionally, with the right set-up, a data center storage site will be easily scalable- easily keeping pace with the growth of your business.


Other Benefits of Leveraging Good Data Center Storage Solutions

The right data management and storage solution will benefit your company in the following ways:


Better Security 

This increased security would have been missing in public cloud systems like google cloud or its competition. Cloud vendors are often responsible for their own security, which puts it out of your company’s hands.

On the other hand, if you set up your own data center, especially in-house, you will have greater control over the security, capacity, and performance of data dissemination. A good data center security protocol will be able to use data analytics to track irregular behavior in real-time and address a breach as quickly as possible. This attribute will give your company further protection. Assuming any attacks happen, you’ll also have access to a seamless disaster recovery system.


Higher Performance

If your company requires higher performance, high availability of data, or runs mission-critical performance, then data center infrastructure is your best option. Even though you can achieve impressive storage performance with private cloud services, investing in this type of solution has a greater business continuity advantage. With our professional guidance, you’ll be able to make a better comparison between hybrid cloud storage vs data center infrastructure.


Government Compliance

In addition, due to your company’s higher control over the data center and its security, your company can better comply with even the strictest government regulations regarding data management and security.


Increased Trustworthiness

As your business earns a reputation for securing its data and complying with government regulatory policies, it will grow a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. This goodwill could easily translate to increased opportunities, productivity, and revenue growth. If you care a lot about customer experience and increased brand trust, we’ll guide you through the phases of investing in this new solution.


Better Resource Management

Unlike outsourced private cloud storage, having a complete data center solution will help your organization achieve better resource management. As the needs of your business fluctuate from time to time, managing 100% of your IT operations and resources in-house makes it easy to promptly respond to customer needs. Assuming you are using hybrid cloud services provided by another company, the level of responsiveness might not be the same with a data center solution.


How to Get a Reliable Data Storage Infrastructure 

Many companies need help hiring the right data storage providers, but that doesn’t have to be your case. iPower’s Professional Solutions helps you secure a unified and reliable approach to data storage that will enable your company to reach its organizational goals.

Without effective and reliable storage solutions, even the best data-driven strategies come to nothing. Storage is about far more than providing a receptacle for all that information. It is about creating a flexible but secure structure with data ready for you to access anytime.

Our Track Record

iPower Technologies provides data center solutions via the implementation of state-of-the-art hardware. The solutions we provide are designed for this dual focus and successfully meet the diverse needs of our clients from creating object storage systems to data infrastructure. We work closely with Dell EMC, Nutanix, Cisco, and others, developing close partnerships, which leave us perfectly positioned to deliver the data center hardware you need.


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