Data Center Assessment Services

Perform at your best, time and time again, with datacenter assessment services from iPower Technologies

Your datacenter is at the heart of your business. It is here that data is stored, processed, and accessed, ready for wielding in the market place. To put it simply, you need your datacenter to be performing at its best.

iPower Technologies support this by providing thorough datacenter assessments for your business, giving you the health check you need to go on performing at your best.

There is no need to leave anything to chance. iPower’s team of experts have considerable experience and an almost unparalleled level of industry knowledge. They are perfectly positioned to put this expertise to good use within your organization. We will thoroughly examine and assess your datacenter before streamlining and optimizing its efficacy.

A Complete Assessment Solution

Working with you to understand your needs

A datacenter is not a one-size-fits-all consideration. Instead, it must be structured around the specific needs of an organization. This is why iPower works closely with you to understand these needs and to take steps towards fulfilling them.

Appraising current datacenter architecture

We apply our expert knowledge to your existing datacenter architecture, analyzing what is working and what is not. This gives us a solid basis from which to make recommendations and to appraise your system.

A tailored datacenter model you can rely on

You cannot afford to be in any doubt when it comes to your datacenter. Instead, you need a structure that you know you can rely upon as you move forward. iPower’s services provide this.

Expert structural recommendations

With your existing datacenter architecture appraised, we can help you to build a winning structure that supports your needs today but also remains flexible and scalable enough to be effective in the long term.

A cultural shift in terms of data

Our recommendations go deeper than the practical and the structural. We help you to approach your data usage in a different way, revolutionizing the culture of data within your organization.

Efficient protocols which remain within budget

Maintain high levels of efficiency while remaining well within budget with iPower’s assessment services.
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