Converged Server Infrastructure Solutions

Achieve a more agile, streamlined and effective server infrastructure with iPower Technologies

A business is more than the sum of its parts. Rather than being a collection of separate components, your business needs the managed solutions required to bring your data infrastructure together and to create a seamless, harmonized architecture which suits your needs.

This is what the managed solutions from iPower Technologies secure for your business. Our server converged architecture solutions enable your business to evolve, delivering flexibility and agility through hybrid IT and a modernized data center.

We work with you to gain the knowledge we need to provide custom built systems for your business, creating the infrastructure that is best suited to success in your market and your field.

Managed Solutions from iPower Technologies

The server converged architecture services offered by iPower are part of our managed solution packages aimed at helping you get the very best from your business.

These solutions include close support and an evolving, developing approach to implementation. It is via this commitment to communication and transparency at every stage that we are able to secure both long and short term results for our clients.

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A System Optimized for Your Workload

As your workload ebbs and flows across the business year, you need server architecture which is capable of meeting this evolving demand. With iPower Technologies, you can benefit from infrastructure which suits the idiosyncrasies of your organization.

Improved Efficiency and Lower Cost

With tailored solutions – ranging from modular systems designed for long term scalability, to pre-configured architecture that can be rolled out quickly – your reward is improved efficiency for your organization and reduced operating costs for server architecture.

Flexibility to Meet the Needs of a Changing Market

With scalable, agile integrated systems, born from a hybrid approach to server architecture, iPower’s solutions leave you perfectly positioned to meet these market challenges as they evolve.

Better Management of Resources

Operating the wrong kind of server architecture can be an enormous drain on your available resources. With systems developed in support of your needs, you will find yourself and your team able to manage your resources in a far more effective manner.


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