Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

A digital safety net from iPower Technologies, supporting your organization as it goes above and beyond what is expected

Without the proper backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, your organization is essentially rock climbing without rope or harness; scaling a formidable mountain face knowing that one slip could spell catastrophe.

This is a level of risk no business should take on. With iPower Technologies’ effective suite of disaster recovery and system backup products, you can make sure your business is protected at each and every turn. This way, every move you make is a step forward, not just for you, but also for your clients and your partners.

By putting these solutions in place, you are connecting your business with important advantages. Get in touch to get started with disaster recovery products from iPower, or read on to discover more.

The Advantages of a Winning Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Legal compliance

As well as being catastrophically inconveniencing, data loss can land an organization in serious legal hot water. A company has a responsibility to protect the data of clients and partners. Failing to do so has severe consequences.
Putting the right backup solutions in place ensures regulatory compliance and protects your company from accusations of negligence.

Data protection

Your business is a source, a storehouse, a conduit, and a user of data, all in one. In fact, data is key to your corporate strategies going forward. This invaluable data needs to be protected. Backup and disaster recovery solutions make sure of this by safeguarding the data you use, eliminating the risk of finding yourself back at square one, with miles of ground to make up on the competition.

Enhanced reputation

Your customers and partners want to work with the best in the business. With state-of-the-art protective structures in place, you are demonstrating how serious you are about security and about providing a comprehensive and consistent service, enhancing your standing in the industry.

A confident foundation on which to build

With confidence in the bedrock of your business, you have a firm platform on which to build your future strategies.
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No downtime

Being out of action is a situation your business simply cannot afford. Eliminate downtime and stay consistently online and ready for action with the right disaster recovery solutions in place.


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