Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

A digital safety net from iPower Technologies supporting your organization as it goes above and beyond what is expected

Without the proper backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, your organization is essentially rock climbing without rope or harness, scaling a formidable mountain face knowing that one slip could spell catastrophe.

This is a level of risk no business should take on. With iPower Technologies’ effective suite of disaster recovery and system backup products, you can make sure your business is protected at each and every turn. This way, every move you make is a step forward, not just for you but also for your clients and your partners.

By putting these solutions in place, you are connecting your business with important advantages. Get in touch to get started with disaster recovery products from iPower, or read on to discover more.

The Advantages of a Winning Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Legal compliance

As well as being catastrophically inconvenienced, data loss can land an organization in serious legal hot water. A company has a responsibility to protect the data of clients and partners. Failing to do so has severe consequences. Putting the right backup solutions in place ensures regulatory compliance and protects your company from accusations of negligence.

Data protection

Your business is a source, a storehouse, a conduit, and a user of data, all in one. In fact, data is key to your corporate strategies going forward. This invaluable data needs to be protected. Backup and disaster recovery solutions make sure of this by safeguarding the data you use, eliminating the risk of finding yourself back at square one, with miles of ground to make up on the competition.

Enhanced reputation

Your customers and partners want to work with the best in the business. With state-of-the-art protective structures in place, you are demonstrating how serious you are about security and about providing a comprehensive and consistent service, enhancing your standing in the industry.

A confident foundation on which to build

With confidence in the bedrock of your business, you have a firm platform on which to build your future strategies. Get in touch with our team or sign up to gain access to high-level backup and disaster recovery products from iPower Technologies.

No downtime

Being out of action is a situation your business simply cannot afford. Eliminate downtime and stay consistently online and ready for action with the right disaster recovery solutions in place.

What is Disaster Recovery?

It is crucial to emphasize recovery of digital files is where much of the focus is placed. Cybercrimes are not the only concern. A quality disaster recovery backup solution encompasses the following.

  • Natural disaster recoveries, such as fire, hurricane, flood, or other significant storms
  • Utility or power outages due to infrastructure issues or weather
  • Data loss, whether due to employee carelessness or hackers

Any event disrupting business operations falls under the disaster recovery heading. The ongoing effects of the recent pandemic prompted many organizations to revise their disaster recovery environment to include infectious diseases.

What is Data Backup

Regardless of how flashy the equipment is, disaster occurs. Preemptive measures minimize downtime. Disaster preparation requires understanding tools, policies, and procedures to allow a smooth recovery and continuation of the business.

iPower performs through backups that establish strong processes to protect critical data. We understand you cannot afford to lose critical data. The backup and recovery solutions combine the entire disaster recovery processes into a single service that includes

  • Design
  • Failover
  • Monitoring
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Restoration assistance
  • Storage
  • Testing
  • And more

Backup and Recovery Methods

You may have backup without having a disaster recovery plan, but not vice versa. If no data are saved, you have nothing to recover. The difference between a disaster recovery plan and a backup is the scope.

A backup may include a full system image, a database, a file, or a combination of these to restore business operations. A disaster recovery solution is a detailed strategy that works across systems and employees to restore business processes after a data loss or disaster event. The goal of both recovery and backup is to ensure business continuity.


The types of data backups are

  • Traditional disk or tape backups
  • SaaS backup, direct-to-cloud backups, and cloud-to-cloud backups
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

Some form of tape backup has been around since the 1960s. It is still used for archiving, large enterprise system backup, and long-term cloud storage. Disk backup came into use in the 90s and became increasingly popular through the early 2000s.

It was faster than tape systems. You can retrieve individual files without restoring an entire data set first. Traditional disk backups can offload data to the cloud or tape for disaster recovery and archiving. Restoring large amounts of data is slow.

Direct-to-cloud backups are copied to the cloud directly. Cloud-to-cloud backups copy data from one cloud to another. SaaS backups refer to the backup of data created in SaaS applications like Google G Suite or Microsoft 365. BCDR solutions enable fast restoration that minimizes business downtime.


Prioritize Workloads

When you understand the basics, apply them to the workload. Many companies have Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (TPOs) that reflect the workload of their normal business operations.

The Recovery Time Objective is the duration of time and service level intended across a network needed to restore business operations after a disaster to avoid undesirable consequences. A Recovery Point Objective is an acceptable amount of time a company has to recover data when a loss-causing event, disaster, or system failure occurs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services


Backup and disaster recovery systems are popular across companies in many industries. Many cloud services provide storage infrastructure and tools for managing disaster recovery operations.

When you choose a cloud backup and recovery support system, you reduce your capital investment and the cost of environmental maintenance. Another advantage of rapid scalability is an allowance for geographical isolation.


Retaining backup of sensitive data on premises may be attractive to organizations that require strict data protection regulations and rules. Challenges of deployment of the disaster recovery plan on premises include an entire data center being destroyed or damaged due to power outages or natural disasters. Most data recovery strategies utilize secondary data centers far from the organization’s main data center.


Snapshot backup captures the disks’ and applications’ current status. The technique has been used for securely protecting data and saving storage space. Snapshot replication serves as backup and disaster recovery. The database information should be accurate. Data collected after a snapshot is not saved until the next snapshot is taken.


ShadowProtect offers software for disaster recovery and backup used across platforms to secure hybrid and remote environments. It provides a broad range of cloud-based data protection services for protecting businesses from cyber threats.

Another advantage is a non-intervention tool that users deploy and forget. ShadowProtect helps keep virtual machines and physical servers running smoothly without human intervention. The software is designed to schedule backup testing, restore a backup property, or deploy recovered data from an organization’s local system.


When planning a catastrophe response plan, energy, time, and costs are factors. Zerto has everything needed for disaster recovery services. It removes manual disaster recovery operation processes.

The software enables data recovery tests that use intuitive and automatic orchestration processes. IT professionals can focus their time and effort on generating revenue for businesses with automated tasks the software can perform.


With Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, data is quickly and easily restored. Veeam Backup Replication & Backup is designed with automatic resizing capabilities. The purpose of this tool is disaster recovery planning. The platform supports a large selection of products, such as SQL Server, SharePoint, NetApp, and HP Enterprise.


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