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Securing and optimizing your server architecture with virtualization solutions from iPower Technologies

Server virtualization is becoming an increasingly common tactic among business owners keen to get the best out of their IT systems. By deploying levels of virtualization, iPower will enhance the security of your server system, optimize the efficiency of its operation, pull together physical servers from different locations, and lay the groundwork for the next generation of server functionality.

Our team of experts work with you to formulate the best virtualization strategy possible for your business. And we will put this into practice in a way that aligns directly with your aims and objectives.

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Concepts in Server Virtualization

Virtual Machine Solutions

When running the virtual machine solution, guest accounts – as designated by the system administrator – utilize a virtual re-creation of the server hardware layer. While the guest account receives no data that would suggest it is running on a virtualization, ‘real life’ computing resources still need to be used to support the guest’s activity. A virtual machine monitor, or VMM, is used to manage this.

Server Virtualization

Through server visualization, your physical server is masked and multiple virtual servers are created. This gives you the ability to better manage your server workloads and provide a diversified service to your clients. The iPower team gives you the capability to accomplish this with ease.

Desktop Virtualization

Via remote display protocols or utilizing virtual machines, the iPower team can bring effective desktop visualization solutions to your business. With expert implementation and a solution tailored to your business, we provide the security, capability, and flexibility your organization needs to thrive in the market.
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