Security Assessments

The expert view, delivering you a roadmap towards watertight IT security.

Cyber security has never been higher on the business agenda. As threats to corporate data evolve, your business needs security protocols that are comprehensive enough to offer protection in the short term but flexible enough to maintain their effectiveness for the long term.

This begins with an expert security assessment from iPower technologies.

Our team works with your business to understand the threats it faces and to analyze its response to those threats. From here, you will be able to implement the measures necessary to keep your organization, and its precious data, safe from harm.

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A Complete and Thorough Assessment from iPower

iPower Technologies’ in depth security assessments cover the following:

  • Mapping out a deep understanding of your current risk level
  • Analyzing compliance with all regulations and legislation relevant to your industry
  • Auditing and itemization of your current security controls and protocols
  • Identifying key data assets and the level of risk pertaining to them
  • Undertaking ‘white hat’ analysis, assessing your risk level through the eyes of would be attackers
  • Identifying weak points in your current set of security controls
  • Working towards an understanding of risk management in accordance with your short and long term business objectives
  • Delivering recommendations on what to do next, helping you develop a winning strategy for your ongoing security

The assessments we carry out are tailored to the structure and aims of your individual organization. However, our services are characterized by two common factors: a commitment to security best practices and methodologies, and a proactive response to threats.

This means that our assessments are not passive. If we find that your business is at risk, we are well positioned to offer you the solutions you need.

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An Unbeatable Advantage from the iPower Team

You cannot afford to get left behind when it comes to security. As a business owner, you are legally obliged to protect the data of your clients and partners. What’s more, your customer base expects you to adopt a professional and positive approach to security.

Regulatory compliance, enhanced reputation, scalable solutions, and effective security that does not impinge on your corporate agility and efficacy; these are just some of the advantages an iPower assessment can connect you with.

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