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Support remote teams and corporate flexibility with Access Anywhere services from iPower Technologies

Running a business often represents something of a balancing act. On the one hand, high levels of security are required if you are to win the trust of clients and partners. On the other, a flexible approach is necessary if you are to outposition your competitors in the market.

Access Anywhere services from iPower Technologies give your teams, your partners, your clients – or anyone with the required clearance – the ability to reach your systems from a remote location.

iPower uses a synthesis of hardware and software to create remote access capability from anywhere in the world. This is reinforced by high levels of security that ensure only pre-qualified individuals and groups can benefit from this access.

The result is a remote system that supports your dual aims of security and flexibility. Sign up to connect with these services today or read on or get in touch to find out more.

Security and Flexibility as Standard with iPower Remote Access

iPower’s services achieve these outcomes via the implementation of highly effective security protocols, which do not impinge on functionality.

Encrypted Access Tunnels Between Central Servers and Remote Devices

Information traveling digitally over long distances can be a source of anxiety for some. iPower bypasses this by deploying encrypted SSL tunnels to protect the connection at all times. This ensures that data and activity records remain protected, even as traffic volumes increase.

Robust User Authentication

Complex user authentication protocols mean that only authorized devices and users can gain access to the network. Whether you are managing a remote team of four or five freelancers or if you are handling a vast network of employees, partners, and clients, Access Anywhere functionality maintains a high level of security at all times.

Tiered Access

Management of access is made easy by the tiered systems put into position by iPower. Only users with the right security clearance will be able to access each tier of the system, providing an additional level of security.

Optimized Traffic Between Devices and Resources

All of this robust security is provided without compromise in terms of remote access efficiency. With optimized traffic between remote devices and the required resources, functionality is streamlined and effective, while security remains as reliable as ever.

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