Network Architecture and Design Services

Bringing together physical and digital elements to provide superlative network architecture for your business

With the right network architecture supporting its initiatives, there is no limit to what your business can achieve. This is why you need expert and skillfully implemented network architecture services from iPower Technologies.

The iPower team works closely alongside you to define the network topology that best suits your business’s identity, then takes the necessary steps to put this in place. Whether you are building a local area network – or LAN – for your head office, a metropolitan area network – MAN – to cover several locations across your city, or a wide area network – WAN – for optimized broad scale coverage, we will give you the options you need.

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An Industry Leading Network Architecture

The Right Approach for Your Business

We do not provide ‘off the peg’ network architecture solutions to businesses. Instead, we work closely with our clients to connect them with the solutions they need. This careful and considered approach begins at your first point of contact with the iPower team. It continues throughout all of your interactions with us, bringing you to a solution which propels you beyond your business targets.

Efficient Connectivity to Support Your Needs

The most effective network architecture concepts require high level connectivity and interaction between components. This facilitates quick and efficient transmission of data and creates the constant loop of communication necessary for a healthy and agile business. iPower has considerable experience in crafting such networks and can apply this experience to the unique identity and situation of your business.

Scalable Architecture that Evolves Alongside Your Organization

As your company’s network architecture is so important to its function, it is similarly important that this architecture remains fit for purpose in the long term. To accommodate this, iPower creates scalable solutions that continue to support your business as it grows.

Cloud-compatible Networks

A modern network requires integration and interaction with cloud-based structures. iPower makes this happen with innovative, cloud-compatible architecture that facilitates new approaches to data and information technology.


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