Managed IT

Gain an industry-leading IT network without draining your business’s resources

Information technology is a critical component of any successful, twenty first century business. This is why organizations regularly pump vast amounts of time, energy, and capital into creating winning IT structures.

With iPower Technologies’ agile and customized managed IT services, your company can experience the very best of both worlds. An IT structure that is the envy of your peers and competitors in the market, without diverting resources from other projects, is achievable with iPower.

Our teams apply their experience and expertise as they deliver a flexible and robust set of services to your business, ensuring the ongoing health of your information technology systems and supporting a forward-thinking, proactive IT culture within your organization.

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Genuine Advantages with iPower Services

Robust Security Assistance

Security is vital to the success and ongoing health of any IT network. iPower employs a suite of different security software pieces and implements best practices designed to keep your business safe.

Cloud Management

The cloud is an important part of any modern IT strategy. iPower’s IT services make full use of this innovative structure and of the benefits it brings to your organization.

IT Services that Meet the Needs of Your Business

We work with you to understand what your business needs and then to make this a reality.

Remote Monitoring and Management

A managed IT service should be effective and also unobtrusive. iPower implements remote management and monitoring protocols to keep on top of your systems, with no downtime and no possibility of getting in the way of your business as it operates. Real time monitoring and efficient remote execution make this possible.

More Resources to Spend on Business-Critical Projects

Letting iPower manage your IT systems frees up vast amounts of resources that you can use to push your business to the next level.

Scalable Networks that Grow Alongside Your Company

As your organization expands, your IT services must evolve also. iPower ensures that this is the case, putting in place a long term solution for your business.


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