Managed IT Services

Information technology is a critical component of any successful, twenty-first-century business. This is why organizations regularly pump vast amounts of time, energy, and capital into creating winning IT structures.

With iPower Technologies’ agile and customized managed IT services, your company can experience the best of both worlds. An IT structure that is the envy of your peers and competitors in the market without diverting resources from other projects is achievable with iPower.

Our teams apply their experience and expertise as they deliver a flexible and robust set of services to your business, ensuring the ongoing health of your information technology systems and supporting a forward-thinking, proactive IT culture within your organization.


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Genuine Advantages with iPower Services


Security is vital to the success and ongoing health of any IT network. iPower employs a suite of different security software pieces and implements best practices to keep your business safe.


The cloud is an integral part of any modern IT strategy. iPower’s IT services entirely use this innovative structure and the benefits it brings to your organization.


We work with you to understand your business needs and make this a reality.


A managed IT service should be effective and unobtrusive. iPower implements remote management and monitoring protocols to keep on top of your systems, with no downtime and no possibility of getting in the way of your business as it operates. Real-time monitoring and efficient remote execution make this possible.


Letting iPower manage your IT systems frees up vast amounts of resources that you can use to push your business to the next level.


As your organization expands, your IT services must evolve, too. iPower ensures this is the case, providing a long-term solution for your business.

What Is Meant by Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are IT services that are outsourced or offloaded to an external managed IT service provider.
By hiring a managed IT service provider, you can focus on other aspects of running a business.

The IT department is a valuable asset but requires enormous amounts of workforce, money, and time to manage effectively. A managed IT services provider is a third-party provider that manages and monitors a client’s end-user systems, cybersecurity services, network operations center, and servers against a defined Service Level Agreement.

The SLA is flexible to provide the managed IT services their business needs. It may incorporate pricing which the service provider will charge. It may be all-inclusive, per-user, or per-device pricing. Predictable pricing and focusing on core business concerns instead of IT management tasks are benefits of effective managed services relationships.


A managed service provider is an alternative to the on-demand or break-and-fix outsourcing model, where a service provider bills the customer for their work. The managed services provider is responsible for the IT equipment and service function, and the customers usually pay a monthly fee.

A managed services provider plays an integral role in the client’s growth as they save money and the distractions associated with IT management for business. IT-managed services experts complete essential tasks for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, internal IT team. Besides being more cost-effective, managed IT services often provide better service.

There is a growing need for managed IT services. Every business needs quick access to IT professionals that do not require hiring multiple technicians with different levels of expertise.

Manage IT services provide a variety of skills needed to maintain IT demands. With a managed IT services provider, you receive around-the-clock coverage duties with particular expertise or knowledge that may not be available otherwise.

More companies are using managed services providers rather than outsourcing IT activities to reduce risk and prepare for the future. Managed IT services may be offered through an e-commerce managed services model.

Tools used by managed IT service providers have come a long way. The experts have a range of tools and expertise to resolve issues efficiently. Managed IT services provide a ‘white glove’ service with the ever-evolving software, tools, and processes.

What Are Examples of Managed Services

There are many types of managed IT services.
The idea behind them is to shift the burden of IT maintenance from the client to a service provider. Service providers may market a managed platform, such as Paas (Platform as a Service), or partner with SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors in the service management market or the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market.

A managed IT services provider may seek to differentiate in communication. Managed IT services encompass many responsibilities.
They typically include

  • Remote monitoring and management of infrastructure and hardware
  • Security services that include incident response, threat hunting, social engineering attacks, and penetration testing
  • Configuration, management, and monitoring of cloud services
  • Other support services

An in-house IT team often juggles multiple responsibilities, whereas a managed IT services provider focuses on perfecting the delivery of their services. Managed IT service providers focus on the security and health of the service.

They apply upgrades and patches as needed. Managed IT services range from specific to general based on a company’s needs. We assess and analyze a company’s IT infrastructure with a focus on security services, operational efficiencies, and scalability.

Our team provides an optimization roadmap that contains tactical solutions to identified problems. Compared to traditional IT services, comprehensive software training is a prominent differentiating feature. We cater to all users of your system.


Managed Services Provider

Managed IT services have evolved and include cloud services. Cloud-based systems drive business growth. Service providers provide cloud services in conjunction with cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Due to increasing demand by customers for IT security assistance, managed service providers manage security services. Managed security service providers partner with vendors that provide cybersecurity or develop managed security services.

We generate a disaster recovery plan to safeguard valuable data and protect the business from potential data loss that could disable an entire network. iPower provides technical support and information to end users.

A managed service provider’s service offerings include desk services. iPower Technologies offers high-quality, scalable, and consistent help desk services from trained technicians.

What Is Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT infrastructure services include many IT areas. Standard services are those associated with

  • Application development
  • Conferencing
  • IT troubleshooting
  • Mobile management
  • Security

The services align with technology trends in business process optimization, mobility, and security. Companies increasingly seek solutions for managing mobile devices within an organization.

Mobile management controls hardware, including locking, tracking, and wiping lost or stolen phones, laptops, or other mobile devices. The service may include a secure browser for the devices.

Managed IT infrastructure contracts may offer maintenance of existing equipment. Maintenance costs are fixed and can be incorporated into budgeting and operating efforts. Custom applications provide system analysis and technical expertise.

Managed Service Provider

Over 53 percent of small and mid-sized businesses use a managed service provider.
The age of digitalization has leveled the playing field. It enables companies to compete against giant industries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises see emerging technology as an opportunity to innovate, gain a competitive edge, and generate profit. The benefits of using a managed service provider include filling in the gaps for teams that do not have the experience, skills, or time to execute business functions or choose to focus efforts on another initiative.

iPower was founded in 2009. We service and support network and computer systems for nationwide clients in the areas of:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Professional Sports

Our team is our most vital asset. They are sharp-minded individuals in IT infrastructure design, deployment, and service. Our work is not outsourced to third-party vendors.

Your contract with us is customized to meet your requirements for application, compliance, software, and workflow. We keep the infrastructure functional so companies can concentrate on running their business and addressing their client’s requirements and needs.


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