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Cloud Migration Services

Use iPower’s cloud migration solutions to achieve flexible strategies and protocols for your business

The cloud provides an optimized environment from which to run your business’s IT strategies. Bringing with it increased flexibility, a more agile set of business practices, and data architecture which grows alongside your organization, the cloud is a computing concept your business cannot do without.

To get the most out of the cloud and to achieve seamless transfer either to the cloud structure or from one environment to an other, you need iPower’s cloud migration services.

Our services cover data transfer, giving you a secure and accessible means of storing your organization’s valuable data, as well as hosted applications, software pieces, and other elements of your business.

What we provide is a comprehensive approach to cloud migration, and one that will not limit your company’s potential while transfer is being carried out. Sign up today to access our market-leading cloud migration services. Get in touch or read on to find out more.

Gain an Advantage with iPower’s Cloud Migration Solutions

iPower’s services connect your business with the following advantages when you select our cloud migration services.

Almost seamless transitions between cloud structures, minimizing downtime for your business

An optimized cloud structure that meets your long and short term needs

Secure transfer of business-critical data and applications

A Cloud Integration Toolkit

To ensure a seamless transition, iPower may deploy cloud integration tools that bridge the gap between your business and the cloud structures that are designed to support it. We will work closely with you to decide which approach is best.

Migration from Physical Servers to Cloud Structures

Moving from physical server architecture to a cloud-based or hybrid set of structures can be highly disruptive for business. iPower’s team puts their unique perspective and expertise to practical effect, reducing downtime and helping you achieve the modern data storage and application hosting ecosystem you need.

Movement Between Cloud Structures and Providers

Finding the ideal cloud structure and provider for you is not always a straightforward task. Often, it is a case of moving to a more appropriate environment as your business outgrows its current cloud solutions.
iPower take the sting out of this by providing effective movement between different cloud computing environments.


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