Server Solutions

The server architecture you need to achieve market leading IT strategies and digital presence

Your business needs an online presence and IT structure that matches the scope of your ambition. To support this, enterprise level datacenter servers are required; servers which rival the best in your industry.

The team at iPower Technologies have the experience, skill, and far reaching IT knowledge necessary to make this a reality. We deploy datacenter server solutions which align with the identity and objectives of your business.

This means scalability, providing short and long term solutions as your business develops. This means giving you the power to stay ahead of the curve in the market. This means a custom service tailored directly to your business and its needs.

Get in touch with our team to begin your journey with iPower and to achieve winning datacenter server architecture without delay.


IPower Datacenter Server Solutions

Server Consultancy

We apply our expertise and knowledge of server development to help you understand your current architecture and to help you formulate a strategy for optimizing its efficacy.
Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing datacenter servers or if you are starting from scratch on a new business, we provide the guidance and support you need to inform your next move.

Server Design

Achieving the optimal server architecture for your business requires thorough planning and an in-depth understanding of your objectives. We work with you during the design process, mapping out the datacenter server structure that best suits your aims and the identity of your organization.

Server Engineering

We handle the physical engineering and construction of your datacenter server, building and installing the hardware you need to hit and exceed your targets. This is where we put our design and consultancy work into practice, developing unbeatable physical server architecture for your firm.

Server Maintenance

High quality maintenance services are necessary if your datacenter servers are to continue performing at their very best. The iPower Technologies team provides this either on an ad hoc basis, conducting work as and when required, or in the longer term via a managed services subscription.

Through regular health checks and practical assessments, we support you and your datacenter as your business grows and evolves. Sign up today to start experiencing the benefit of what iPower can provide to your business, or get in touch with our team to learn more.


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