Server Infrastructure Solutions

Your business needs an online presence and IT structure matching your ambition’s scope. To support this, enterprise-level data center servers are required, rivaling the best in your industry.

The team at iPower Technologies has the experience, skill, and far-reaching IT knowledge necessary to make this a reality. We deploy data center server solutions that align with the identity and objectives of your business.

This means scalability, providing short and long-term solutions as your business develops. It means giving you the power to stay ahead of the curve in the market and a custom service tailored directly to your company and its needs.

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IPower Datacenter Server Solutions

Server Consultancy

We apply our expertise and knowledge of server development to help you understand your current architecture and to help you formulate a strategy for optimizing its efficacy.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing data center servers or start from scratch on a new business, we provide the guidance and support you need to inform your next move.

Server Design

Achieving the optimal server architecture for your business requires thorough planning and an in-depth understanding of your objectives. We work with you during the design process, mapping out the data center server structure that best suits your aims and your organization’s identity.

Server Engineering

We handle the physical engineering and construction of your data center server, building and installing the hardware you need to hit and exceed your targets. This is where we put our design and consultancy work into practice, developing an unbeatable physical server architecture for your firm.

Server Maintenance

High-quality maintenance services are necessary if your data center servers continue to perform at their best. The iPower Technologies team provides this either on an ad hoc basis, conducting work as and when required, or in the longer term via a managed services subscription.

We support you and your data center through regular health checks and practical assessments as your business grows and evolves. Sign up today to start experiencing the benefits of what iPower can provide for your business, or get in touch with our team to learn more.


Infrastructure Services

In the future, IT infrastructures will monitor themselves, respond to and predict business needs, and heal and protect themselves. Until then, iPower Technologies provide infrastructure services that include business-friendly infrastructure solutions and services that deliver exceptional value that helps focus on the core business processes rather than day-to-day management issues and technology operating systems.


Our infrastructure solutions provide effective infrastructure services on cloud infrastructure to our customers. We help integrate old, shared service processes into a new approach by reworking the current operating systems.

Our services take the load off of a company’s IT management staff and a company’s budget. With the help of innovators and market leaders, we extend our comprehensive infrastructure services.

Our infrastructure solutions simplify data centers and make them more space and energy efficient while costing less. We help transform current infrastructure to achieve business goals with modern IT architecture.

You maintain customer trust and loyalty with resilient and reliable software, storage, and computing solutions. Our infrastructure solutions help businesses run at peak efficiency, which boosts productivity and performance.

We provide our customers with the latest efficiencies in optimizing and virtualizing their data centers. Our data center services virtualize data center infrastructures and decouple data and applications from the resources on which they run.

The services help industries such as

  • Banking
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Telecom


IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure is a platform used to build exceptional employee and customer experiences. The IT infrastructure may support operations or deliver technology solutions for customers that enhance operational efficiencies.

Infrastructure Components

The components are hardware, software, servers, and network resources required to run an organization successfully. The hardware consists of computers, data centers, hubs, routers, services, etc.

IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, and database infrastructure. This technology combines technology with communication with IT solutions for both IT support and maintenance. Applications such as Operating Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) make up the infrastructure software.

The network resources provide security, firewall, internet connectivity, and enablement. Traditional IT infrastructure cannot keep up with compressed transformations and accelerated change.

Needed Changes

It must be modernized. We help move from a hardware-oriented, capital-intensive infrastructure to an intelligent, software-defined one ready for any opportunity.

We create world-class products and IT infrastructure services portfolio to support your security and networking needs. A well-planned IT infrastructure significantly boosts revenues and reduces costs.

As a business grows, its IT infrastructure grows more rapidly. It empowers users and runs applications that run a business. Tools and technology permit enterprises to automate many repetitive provisioning and administration activities.

Our IT infrastructure solution services help design the converged infrastructure and computer architecture for your business needs and applications. The managed services offer orchestration, self-provisioning, monitoring, and automation. The best IT infrastructure has email and web content filtering and unified threat infrastructure management.

Your business benefits by using network infrastructure monitoring and management tools the way they are designed to work. Consider the help of these managed IT infrastructure services to maintain a competitive edge.

Cloud and infrastructure security strengthen employee and customer trust with industry-relevant and proactive threat intelligence woven into the fabric of the cloud and your infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure is in good hands with us. We have the IT infrastructure solution you need.


Data Center Services

Whether a business invests in a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises, iPower Technologies works with what you have and makes it better. We transform your data and application portfolio with cyber resilience, security, and privacy.

Disaster recovery workflows are vital to a business’s successful continuity. We provide the necessary support by setting up procedures and mechanisms to use your infrastructure in various locations in case of disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, or file system corruption.

The servers create a strong computing resources portfolio to address data center computing requirements. You can prioritize traffic and ensure business-critical applications receive the bandwidth required.

You can improve data mobility and cyber resiliency with iPower Technologies storage solutions. Effectively adopt emerging technologies. By abstracting underlying hardware and virtualizing servers, you embrace cloud computing.


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