Data Center Technologies

iPower Technologies delivers strategic, custom solutions for your data center.  We partner with the industry’s leaders in Server, Storage, Networking, and Security fields to provide our customers with a platform that not only fits their needs today, but will scale well into their future.

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Converged Architecture

Converged and Hyper-Converged server and storage systems can greatly simplify your infrastructure management, total cost of ownership, and provide increased performance and scalability.


Today’s networks are moving more and more traffic, and the risks associated with devices requiring corporate access are multiplying at an exponential rate.  Can your network keep pace and keep your systems safe at the same time?


Face it, your storage is always growing.  Thankfully the latest storage platforms are producing faster and faster performance, all while delivering the lowest cost per GB  in history.  Move your storage to an all-flash solution today.


Check out the latest enterprise ready servers from Dell EMC and Cisco.



Next-Gen Security

Cyber risk is everywhere, protect your digital assets with our unique multilayered security approach.  Protection for every layer of your network from Firewall to Endpoint.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data at all costs. Make sure it is always available, when you need it.



Increase Storage Performance &

Reduce Your Long Term Hardware Costs

Your legacy servers and storage could be costing you more than you realize.  Schedule one of our complimentary Data Center assessments today to learn about the benefits of converged architecture.  Modernizing your Data Center today could save your company significant expense and reduce overall infrastructure complexity.


Explore our storage products and services for small businesses. Store, access, manage and destroy your documents with a product that scales to fit your needs.


We make the investment in our vendor partnerships and technical staff training so that we can right size products and solutions to your specific business challenge.

Dell EMC Storage Solutions

Dell EMC is the gold standard in enterprise storage systems. Products including Dell SC Compellent, EMC Unity, Isilon, Extreme IO, and VMax round out their traditional storage line card. Dell EMC also leads other vendors in their converged and hyper-converged offerings with industry leading hardware solutions built on Nutanix and and their VXRail product. By eliminating complex tasks and enabling fast and flexible storage provisioning, these solutions dramatically reduce the costs of storage acquisition and ongoing operations. Patented page-based volume management enables automatic movement of data while it is in use.