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Let’s face it – businesses rely more on technology than ever before. Cloud services seem to be a logical solution for small businesses in any industry when it comes to data. These provide an efficient solution and are rapidly gaining popularity. That is why choosing the right cloud service provider is important. Today’s guide shows you more about cloud computing and lists all the business benefits of cloud services.

If cloud computing, cloud storage, and cloud services are all new to you, you should think of the cloud as a place where your company can get instant access to all of its data and files on the move. The practice allows businesses to rely on their designated data center and use a cloud platform to minimize data loss.

What Are Business Cloud Solutions & Cloud Services?

The easiest way to explain the term cloud services is a service that stores all your critical files and data online. While back in the day, there was no cloud provider, and we used to store all of our files and data on hard drives, things have changed. Nowadays, your business data storage only requires an Internet connection and the right cloud storage providers. If you have this, you will rely on the team's enterprise resource planning to store your data safely and securely.

As a cloud computing model, cloud storage allows users to save important files on remote, third-party servers. They can access these servers online. The types of cloud storage include the following:

The Benefits Of Cloud Services: How Can Cloud Storage Help Your Business

As we mentioned above, cloud services are essential to secure file storage. Business users needing to store data important for their operations should look for a cloud hosting company. At iPower, we specialize in cloud services and are here to show you the definition of cloud security for small businesses.

A Storage Service That Puts You In The First Place

Now is the right time to invest in cloud solutions and enhance your business’s competitive technology. Our cloud data solutions come in the form of software as a service (SaaS), which means that it is easy for you to rely on us for secure storage of your data (from your computers, mobile devices, etc.). Our cloud service is a digital service that allows users to have dedicated fixed storage and get all their critical business information in a private cloud.

We Will Cover All Maintenance & Ownership Costs

If you choose our cloud storage solutions for your business systems, you should know that you’ll be able to access your data present in remote server spaces. Here, the maintenance and ownership of the cloud storage are with us, whereas you own the space you bought to store your data. The data transfer can be in multiple or many servers within your cloud hosting company.


If you wish for cloud solutions that offer simplicity, performance, scale, and availability in a single platform, you have come to the right place. Let iPower assess, design, and migrate your workloads to the cloud solutions right for your business. Our computing services can take care of all your business needs, putting you at the forefront of your digital transformation and ensuring the best cloud services for your needs.


Instead of having your employees focus on transferring data, everything will be automatic. Your small business will thrive with a solution like this. Whether you are in the customer relationship management (CRM) industry or provide financial management services, know that cloud adoption will save you loads of time and put you in front of your competitors.


Colocation is ideal for reducing infrastructure costs, increasing security, and mitigating risk. We partner with the leasing Colocation facilities across the country, including Microsoft Office 365 Data Centers, Flexnational, QTS, and Equinix, to deliver colocation services for small businesses.

iPower Technologies provides more than just discounted pricing on moving your critical infrastructure to these facilities. We have the technical expertise in-house to develop custom solutions to fit your business needs. We will work with you every step of the way during your project. If you require cloud backup, have specific cloud applications you want to be stored on the public cloud, or are choosing between cloud service providers, we are here to show you the right way of adopting this new technology.


We offer disaster recovery and business continuity services to protect your infrastructure and keep you running in the event of a disaster, outage, or malware attack.

Let us help you develop a tailored data protection solution for your business that helps your organization rest easy.

Choose Us As Your #1 Cloud Services Providers

Get the most out of your cloud hosting provider, we work with industry-leading titans such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Our network engineers are familiar with these systems and can assist you with any project you plan to deploy.

With so many options and services to choose from, businesses and enterprises trust iPower Technologies to assist in deploying and managing applications through these providers. Our cloud-based services bring ease and help you undergo digital transformation. From cloud migration to efficient backup of your CRM, business leads pipeline, accounting software, and so on, we are here to show you the beauty of cloud storage services.

Fortune 500 companies trust the cloud to run their systems. Join them and take advantage of the unique offerings provided by our partners. With our extensive experience, we can help you choose the right solution for your business.

Top-Rated Cloud-Based DevOps Solutions

For businesses that utilize technology and develop applications, having an automated software pipeline that covers development, testing, and production can be the make-or-break advantage they need. Whether providing value to customers sooner or ensuring compliance through auditable change management, an automated software pipeline is a must for companies developing software.

iPower Technologies offers Software Pipeline Automation services to help companies plan, establish, and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of software and underlying infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of cloud computing for business?

You can benefit from uploading the same files on your drives to the cloud. You get 24/7 access to your data on-premises, no requirements for on-site hardware, budget-friendly subscription models, enterprise development tools, scalability, and no security concerns. The ability to save data from laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and all devices makes the solution great for business.

What is the average cloud computing costs?

It depends, but it goes at like $400 monthly for one server and up to $20,000 per month for the entire back-office infrastructure. If you are a small business and need a single server, you should look for more affordable options.

How To Choose A Reliable Cloud Service Provider?

Look for certifications and standards, see the technologies they are using, and check if they offer a service roadmap. Other important things include testimonials, data security and business policies, and your options regarding contracts, commercials, and SLAs.


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